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Fourth of July Diet Survival Tips

Fourth of July Diet Survival Tips

The fun and festivities have already begun for Fourth of July celebrations, and it's easy to fall off track with that diet you planned to stick with throughout the year. With the temptation of strawberry shortcake, homemade peach pie, and hot dogs galore, it can be easy to sabotage your diet in just a few days. If you're heading out to a potluck or community gathering, at least you have the option to bring your own healthy creations with you; if not, you'll likely be left with a diet catastrophe on your hands. Whether you're on theSouth Beach diet, an Atkins fanatic, or just the caught the wave of low-carb diets in general, here are some key items you'll want to keep off limits--your diet depends on it!

Diet Saboteur #1: 1. Potato salad
A low-carb dieter's nightmare, you're looking at extra calories from both carbs and fat; the most popular potato salads at the Fourth of July picnic are usually the ones loaded with full-fat mayonnaise and extras such as bacon and cheese. Steer clear of this diet saboteur and you'll be saving over 350 calories and 20 g of fat per cup.

Diet Saboteur #2: Fruit and cream Jell-O
That colorful jell-o mold sure looks friendly from afar, but if it's loaded with cream and sugar, it won't be making your diet to-do list. Unless you're sure it's sugar-free jell-o and fat-free whipped cream in the mix, the fruit cup might not be as diet-friendly as you hoped-no matter how good those strawberries look. Skip this one to save those extra calories from the cream; just 2 tbsp. is loaded with at least 10 grams of fat.

Full of flavor and spoonfuls of sugar, the fruit punch at the picnic table is loaded calories that can be much better spent on healthier options such as fresh fruit or even a smoothie. Avoid the Kool-Aid fair and save yourself at least 150 calories per cup.

Diet Saboteur #4:The Hot Dog
According to the National Hot Dog & Sausage council, three-fourth of Americans sya hot dogs are more strongly associated with 4th of July than with any othe rholiday. Unless you're planning on joining a competitive eating contest anytime soon, limit your hot dog intake to one without the bun, or forego it all together. A vegan hot dog will be a healthier option, preventing you from ingesting the average 300 calories and 18 grams of fat.

Diet Saboteur #5Barbeque ribs
Sure they look lip-smacking good, but when you learn that they're loaded with over 1500 calories and 65 grams of fat per serving, the barbequed ribs aren't necessarily the best choice for your Fourht of July picnic. They may be high in protein, but you're looking at a meat source that's filled with artery-clogging saturated fat too; switch to an alternative main course as quickly as you can. . . .

The best diet strategy for Fourth of July? Pack a picnic and manage your day by being well-prepared. Eat light and frequently throughout the day, picking up fresh fruit, salads with low-fat dressing, grilled vegetable wraps, or even some marinated chicken on the grill. If you're heading out to a barbeque or other grilling event, take along your own specialty dishes to share; there are plenty of low-fat and low-carb recipes available, and you can get creative with dessert by adding your own patriotic theme. Enjoy the best of Fourth of July season this year without packing on those pounds; after all, it is still bathing suit season.

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