Wednesday, June 29, 2011

No Sugar

Today is my 60th day of NO SUGAR, my self proclaimed sugar detox. I haven't had ANY SUGAR or anything with sugar in it for the past 60 days and the experience has transformed the way I eat. 

No this is NOT a DIET! It's a total transformation. I now pay closer attention to what I consume. I have a better understanding of how what you eat plays a big part in how your body reacts to it. 

The way we have been socialized into believing that we can eat what ever we want and think it won't have a dramatic effect on our body is crazy. All the fried foods, red meat, cakes, pies, cookies, processed fast foods, junk food, sugary drinks, juices, pasta, white rice, white potatoes, breads, white flour, vegetable oils, and sugar are slowly killing us. 

In the short period of time of me eliminating those things from my body my health has improved dramatically . My blood sugar levels have dropped form the 300's to the 100's, ( 143 yesterday), my vision is clear, I have more energy to run/walk, exercise, and weight train, my skin and nails are clear, and my body is looking better every day. 

I know for some it's a hard adjustment to make but look at it this way, when your car breaks down you get it fixed, when you need your hair and nails done you go to the salon, when you want to look good you buy a nice outfit, but when it comes to YOUR BODY you don't give it the same attention, then later you wonder why you're tired, keep getting headaches, feel stressed out, and why you're always in the doctor's office. It's because you're not giving YOUR BODY the same attention as you give the things that you THINK are more important. 

STOP saying " I'm going on a diet after this and that" DO NOT GO ON A DIET!!! 

***Make the transformation into changing the entire way you look at food and how you eat**** 

Erase those old BAD habits and adapt NEW habits and TRY to make the change. You'll be surprised with what you see. Get on board and start the BBB plan. Building a Better Body. Stay tuned.......

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